Saturday, January 31, 2009

why geo-centric

i beleive u guyz know about geoCentric and helioCentric theory, my blog is gonna have all earthly stuffs in center and revolve around it, which i thought perhaps might suit the title :)

my first post, i have no idea what am gonna write and make u guyz read, but i'll come up with something for sure :) i might post stuffs about finance, movies, sports, philosphy, psycology, poems (trust me, i have a slew of 'em already) et al, i know its gonna be fun. Well, i ancipate your support. thanks.


  1. can u explain what is geoCentric and helioCentric ?

  2. GeoCentric is where Sun is a planet & earth is at center (Indian Horoscopes :)
    Heliocentric is the other way, the real way