Saturday, January 31, 2009

Slumdog Millionaire - Movie review

The first time i heard about the movie was when we guyz were having a official team meeting in office :), i was told about the movie and music by some 'white' team members. Apparently i was interested to see the movie.

First things first, why was Slumdog considered a Hollywood movie and not a Indian movie, the reason am told is any movie directed (or produced) by English speaking nationale is a hollywood movie, interesting, isnt that (and obviously it gets qualified for Oscars under english movie category).

The film starts with one answer standing between Dev Patel (Jamal) and 2 crore indian rupees. Does this slumdog kid deserves to be a millionaire is the whole movie about. Mean Anil Kapoor (who runs the Millionare show) gets curious about Jamal answering difficult questions easily and easy questions with help. On Police enquiry how Jamal justifies his answers is the whole story about. Kudos to Irfan who had done a decent acting as police officer, job well done. Am not gonna tell the whole story here, i defer it to you to watch. Having said that, i would like to debate on certain stuffs

I personally felt Slumdog is hyped for no reason, its just a bollywood or in fact kollywood movie where hero struggles for food in early days and becomes a millionare at end (u can find it even in Pursuit of Happiness, but thats a real story of Chris Gardner, slumdog is just a story, a Bollywood story). Rajnikanth would love to act in this movie as he beleives in this magic and had been following it all 25 years :)

Songs in it are another big disaster, trust me, am not a pessimist :) AR have just copied songs (well, from his own, Jai Ho song resembles an introduction song in film Azhagiya Tamil Magan), but, background score is a smash hit, i genuinley remember goose berries on a particular scene where the two kids are chased by cops, wow.

I know there has been instances where some celebrities quoted slumdog just revolves around poor slum india, well, nothing wrong i see, the hero is a slum kid and ofcoarse story has to show what a slum is (to my knowledge i havent known of a slum in America, perhaps those people need to see how slum looks like). Besides which we cant argue India is a rich country with all these slums around. Truth always sucks as they say...

Casting is perfect, may it be Jamal kids or Latika girls, awesome home work, it should have put some perssure on Dev Patel and Ferida Pinto I bet, i wouldnt have expected much from a real villain but Bollywood hero Anil kapoor delivered best, as i said its altogether job well done by actors. Screenplay is the highlight for the film, every sequence is sculptured.

Altogether, i felt Slumdog is a bollywood spiced love story well said, without any love sequence :)

why geo-centric

i beleive u guyz know about geoCentric and helioCentric theory, my blog is gonna have all earthly stuffs in center and revolve around it, which i thought perhaps might suit the title :)

my first post, i have no idea what am gonna write and make u guyz read, but i'll come up with something for sure :) i might post stuffs about finance, movies, sports, philosphy, psycology, poems (trust me, i have a slew of 'em already) et al, i know its gonna be fun. Well, i ancipate your support. thanks.